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tv   New Day  CNN  July 1, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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make a miserable holiday for tens of millions as it moves through the midwest. look at the lightning strikes at the willis . good morning and welcome to "new day," everyone. you see it right there. it's tuesday, july 1st. 6:00 in the east. july 1st. we're following a lot of news here this morning, but first let's get to chris who is in salvador, brazil, with the fun and the latest. hey, chris. >> reporter: hey, kate, good morning to you guys there. this day need be known as only one thing, the day of destiny. this is where it's all going to happen. we are in brazil, city of salvador. the word means savior, and that's what we're looking for on the u.s. soccer side. the mood here is amazing. there are so many americans, literally counted some 30 states we met people from last night all ready for the big game.
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i'm not wearing this to look different. i'm wearing this to fit in. american enthusiasm has run wild, and it all comes down to what will happen in that stadium just a few hours from now. belgium-usa. the winner advances. the loser, let's not even talk about it. i don't want to offend any belgians. we'll bring in lara baldesarra. this game, the pressure. the belgium side has all the hoopla and they have kind of underperformed. the u.s. has performed well. how do you see it? >> as a very, very tight match. these two are evenly matched. you talked about the belgians underperforming a bit. have they been underperforming or kind of heating up at the right time. >> scary. >> coming into this match with the usa in the best form yet versus a team that's very tough
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to break through. they have only conceded one goal, a penalty kick so the usa has their work cut out for them. they have jozy altidore back but the question is will jurgen klinsmann put him in the starting 11? i'm not convinced, but we'll find out. the coach, big story for what he's doing on the field and off the field. it's unreasonable. we can't win. then he says who says we're an underdog. rebook your tickets and give us a mindset into what he's doing with this team. >> yesterday i was in the prep conference and klinsmann seems cool, calm, collected and very, very confident, i will add. he told all the players and their families, book your ticket after the finals so they all know that they are going to be staying here the whole time. that kind of confidence, that filters down to the players. they feel it. they can go out there and perform a lot better knowing that they have the confidence of their coach, but klinsmann, you have to remember, his job isn't just to, you know, hopefully win the world cup with the american team. he has a mandate from u.s.
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soccer to grow u.s. soccer right from the grass roots level, and it's something that he's been trying to do since he took the job a few years ago. it's also something that we're seeing kind of explode, like we're seeing the soccer phenomenon take over america. jurgen klinsmann spoke yesterday about how big it's getting and what it means. >> you can see where the game is going in the united states. you can't stop it anymore. it's breaking through. the locomotive of this development is always the national team, and in every country it's that way. we want to do well. we want to inspire them. we want to give them enthusiasm and believe. >> let me posit something to you, baldesarra. the u.s. is big for the world cup. i would argue the u.s. has already won. i would argue this is a cultural flashpoint going on in the u.s. i know it gets big around world cup time but never like this. never with a bonehead like me wearing an american soccer jersey.
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do you believe that this team has kind of moved the needle permanently in the u.s.? >> completely. absolutely hands down. this u.s. team has been the absolute underdog, and, of course, americans love the underdog. who does not love the underdog. it seems as though the american people really latched on to this. plus, it really helped that in the group stage the americans were playing top caliber teams. i mean, you got to see the usa go up against cristiano ronaldo and who does not want to watch cristiano ronaldo or more importantly watch the usa stop cristiano ronaldo. >> crecool. >> so it's all coming together now, and, yeah, we're at that point. saw it with women's soccer in '99 with mia hamm and brandi chastain and the sports bra, and now it's overtaken in the usa. >> i will not show my sports bra. stop asking. i've heard your analysis, very intelligent and it's about scores in these games. what are you going to say as the american audience looks on with anxious eyes? what happens today?
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>> you're putting me on the spot again. >> you better believe it. >> i think the usa will be winning but on penalty kicks. >> really? >> yes. >> a bold prediction from ba baldesarra. i'll tell you one thing. i've not seen it like this since we've been down here. the people are ready to go. wait until you see the piece about the fan rally last night. so many different states and different phases and they are all saying the same thing. we believe -- >> there they are. >> we believe that we can win. ♪ ♪ oh, when the saints go marching in ♪ >> it's fabulous. >> phenomenal. >> just the beginning of what will be a very exciting day. >> a great day. >> watch it with you all together. got a lot of news to get to this morning. back to chris in just a second. we're also watching what's going on in israel right now. israel pounding hamas with air strikes targeting nearly three
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dozen targets in gaza. the strikes coming hours after the bodies of three israeli teenagers were found in the west bank. those teenagers, they had been kidnapped earlier this month. israel blames hamas for the teens' disappearance. hamas denies it's behind the deaths. senior international correspondent ben wedeman is live in hebron with the very latest. ben? >> reporter: yes, kate, we're outside not far from where the three -- bodies of the three israeli teenagers were found between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. as you mentioned, there were 34 israeli air strikes on the gaza strip overnight. also a variety of rockets and mortars fired back in the direction of israel. today, however, israel is pausing the funerals for the three teenagers to be held, tens of thousands expected to attend
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the funerals. yesterday before an emergency security cabinet meeting in jerusalem, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the hearts of all israelis are bleeding for these three boys and their families, and the entire nation is crying. gaza is bracing for more trouble and it's expect that had once the funerals are over the air strikes could resume again so it's very tense down there as well as here on the west bank where overnight we saw israeli forces demolish the homes of two of the main suspects in the kidnappings. however, those suspects have yet to be apprehended. michaela. >> all right. heartbreaking story there, thanks for bringing us up to date on that. want to talk about some extreme weather hitting us here at home what. could become the first tropical storm of the season is brewing. look at it, churning off the coast of florida this morning, and it's set to make for a very wet and miserable holiday for tens of millions along the east
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coast. it couldn't come at a worse time. don't kill the messenger, okay. that's just a message to you at home. want you to be preemptd you're standing in the midst of it there. indra petersons, how bad is this going to get? >> not a good thing, especially talking about so many people trying to get out of town for the holiday. take a look at what's over the grand bahamas. what we know now this is a tropical depression, likely to be a tropical storm. very soon let's take a look at the stats guys. right now winds 35 miles per hour. moving slowly west at 2 miles per hour, but we know it's gott not going to be staying that way. let's talk about the stats. tropical storm expected to be by today. it is strengthening. then by tomorrow, looking at it off the coast of florida, and then in through the carolinas, and by thursday or soon in the carolinas, look at the heavy rain and by the fourth of july, expect it now. the latest model to strengthen it to a category one hurricane right off the coast of d.c. and quickly making its way offshore,
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affecting the entire northeast, but by saturday and sunday most of you should be seeing the sunshine behind the system. this isn't just a random guess anymore. look at all of the models. really all in alignment taking on the exact same path. some a little bit shorter or farther as far as timing, but either way definitely looks like a huge rain-maker here over the next 24, 48 hours. look at this right around florida, already, for tomorrow. this is where you'll see the he have yet rain. by the time you get in through thursday right around the carolinas, that's when you're getting the biggest impact, thursday night into friday expected to strengthen into a category one hurricane right off the coast of d.c. that's the concern. definitely a lot of travel plans will be affected but, again, moves offshore for the rest of the weekend so we'll spare you a little bit of that three-day weekend, guys. >> could be touch and go for you throughout the weekend. >> back to you shortly. major changes to tell you about that could be coming to airport security over serious new terror concern. u.s. officials tell cnn that al
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qaeda terrorists in the arabian peninsula are working on next generation bombs that could get past current security measures. pentagon korpt ba pentagon correspondent barbara starr is all over there. >> reporter: there are growing concerns that some of al qaeda's most dangerous wings may have their eyes peeled on the same target they have been after for a long time, a u.s. airliner. the u.s. is considering new airport security measures due to increased concern al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap has found a new way to get around current airport screening. u.s. officials tell cnn a vulnerability has been identified in airport security because of aqap advances. officials don't see an imminent threat, but one official telling cnn we are steadily tracking significant threats from aqap. >> the department of homeland
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security is regularly reviewing our security procedures to adapt to the threat that we -- that is faced by our transportation system. >> reporter: the big concern is this man, ibrahim al asyri, expert bomb-maker, expert in making bombs with no metal and undetectable explosions such as the device worn by the 2009 christmas day underwear bomber targeting a u.s. airliner. the top u.s. military commander in europe noting terrorists have been eyeballing western airports for months. >> we remain concerned about the capability of some of these elements to develop weapons that could be thwarted by our current security systems. >> another concern, whether one of the next targets of al qaeda's most dangerous wing could be a middle east shopping mall full of westerners. >> they are not particularly well defended and secured.
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there are a lot of westerners that go to them, so some concern recently about some of the shopping malls in the persian gulf. >> analysts say the attack on kenya's westgate mall got days of worldwide attention, exactly what al qaeda wants without worrying about having to get into the u.s. to attack a mall. let's go back to the airliner threat for a minute. one of the big concerns is that some of the militants in the middle east who may have european or even u.s. passports can readily travel back to their home countries and plan new rounds of attacks. michaela. >> concerning to be sure, barbara. let's take a look at more of the headlines. in iraq, 300 more u.s. troops are on the ground this morning helping to push back and the fast moving isis surge. 200 of those troops will provide security for u.s. interests in that country. the increased military presence is already in addition to the 300 u.s. advisers in the country
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already helping support iraqi forces. meanwhile, newly elect the parliament was set to hold its first session today to begin the process of forming a new government but it was postponed because the minimum number of members was not present as we learned. more than 2,400 iraqis died in the violence in june alone. general motors recalling 8.4 million more vehicles worldwide. most vehicles have suspected flaws with the ignition which could switch off while the car is in motion. a similar defect has been blamed for 13 deaths and led to earlier recalls and a federal investigation. on monday gm announced a plan to compensate victims of those earlier recalls. the company has called back more than 29 million vehicles so far this year. meanwhile, chrysler is recalling almost 700,000 minivans to fix possible defective ignition switches. chicago, milwaukee and parts of iowa reeling from large and
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deadly thunderstorm clusters. those storms are now headed northeast. folks who headed in eastern iowa had to deal with 80 miles per hour winds which damaged some homes and businesses and brought down trees monday. one man died in a collapsed building. fire fighters are meanwhile looking for a teen who was swept into a storm sewer. in the air 455 flights at chicago o'hare were scrapped. passengers at the airport, we're told flights are arriving or departing with less than a 15-minute delay. look what happened during those thunderstorms in chicago. look at that. spectacular video shows lightning hitting the willis tower, not just one but three times. lightning routinely strikes the tower when it passes over the city but three times spotted on camera is kind of rare. >> lucky or unlucky? beautiful and very scarey. >> do you like lightning storms. >> as long long as they are far, far away.
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curl up with a good book. >> as long as you're cozy and warm and dry. >> dry, operative word there. let's take a break. coming up next on "new day," a major supreme court ruling against coverage for contraception under obamacare. we're talking with our political panel coming up about what this could mean going forward. the so-called nightmare nanny finally speaking out. the woman was fired but she refused to leave a california family's home. we're going to tell you why she believes that she is the victim here. we're moving our company to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies.
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welcome back. the white house will fight for women's health rights after the supreme court shuts down certain provisions of obamacare. the court ruled that corporations are
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good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. i was joking with errol. let's solve the problems of the supreme court and immigration reform in a few minutes, if we could. that's easy enough. what do you think? what is the real impact, do you think, of this as we're calling the hobby lobby decision? >> the -- the negative implications remain to be seen because the implication is not so much this case but the next case but this gives for the millions of closely held companies run by people with sincere religious beliefs, gives them be a opening, if they so choose to import their religious beliefs into their business in a way that has never really been done before, and we don't know how far it's going to reach or how much controversy it's going to stir, but what we do know is there's something like 17 million women of child bearing age who are uninsured and a lot of them are going to run afollow of what their players believe
3:21 am
which up until now they had no reason to worry about. >> ryan, you weigh in. what do you think the real impact is? are the concerns, ruth bader ginsburg on the court herself even talking about the breadth is startling of this decision. do you think the concerns of how far the negative implications in their view could go are overblown? >> yeah, you're right. i mean, alito and ginsberg said two different things, alito said not to worry, this is a very limited ruling. it won't get out of control just because we're allowing corporations for the first time to -- to say they can opt out of laws based on their religious beliefs, we don't believe there are very many cases where this is actually going to happen and ginsberg came in and said you're wrong. you've opened the floodgates for giving corporations all kinds of excuses. she actually mentioned what if a corporation said it was against their religious beliefs to -- to support the minimum wage. >> she listed out a bunch of
3:22 am
things, blood transfusions, anti-depress greeceants, vaccinations, a whole list of things. >> kate, even beyond just medical procedures and stuff that relates to the health care law, she started to say, well, what about the minimum wage, what if you think that violates religious beliefs? alito doesn't buy it and doesn't believe it opens the floodgates. that remains to be seen. on obamacare very narrowly this doesn't gut the core of obamacare. we have to be careful to -- to not exaggerate what it goss does. one kind of coverage for women who work for these very specific corporations who are asserting this religious carve-out. >> errol, is this likely to be a galvanizing issue in the mid-term elections? the immediate thing people are talking about, if you don't like it, you should do something about it. if you do like it we can applaud and get out and vote. republicans, they see this as a win for religious freedom. they see this as yet another sign of president obama overreaching with his health care law.
3:23 am
democrats see this as a wake-up call and a threat to -- to women's rights. >> oh, absolutely. i subscribe to lots of different political organizations, just so i can see what the chatter is about, and really within minutes of the supreme court's decision being sort of read, publicized and the implications becoming known, the fund-raising went out immediately from the democrats, war on women. you've got -- you've got to couldn't bumpt you've got to do it before the deadline. yesterday was a fund-raising deadline for federal elections and we can expect that to go all the way through the elections and i think the elections may have noticed over the last couple of cycles, when the democrats get a head of steam claiming there's a war on women claiming that the republican base is driving it, it doesn't work out well for republicans in most cases. i think probably the democrats have more energy and more initiative on this particular issue. if you want to take a victory lap as a religious conservative and say, thank god the court ruled the way they did, that's
3:24 am
one thing, but that's fairly passive. that's not going to get people to the polls necessarily come november. >> anger gets people to the polls more than happiness, unfortunately, is the way it is. >> ryan, let's transition to a big day in washington, a big day at the white house, too. the president coming out to talk about how he's going to move forward as much as he can with immigration reform measures through executive action. let's listen to a little bit of what he said in his announcement. >> i take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue and congress chooses to do nothing, and in this situation the failure of house republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security. it's bad for our economy and it's bad for our future. >> this one makes me scratch my head just a little bit because he's talking about essentially through this executive action is use his existing department of homeland security beefing up border security. correct me if i'm wrong on --
3:25 am
>> everyone should be happy. john boehner came out saying it's sad and disappointing president obama won't work with us, intent on going alone with the executive orders that can't and won't fix these problems. >> yeah. there's a lot of fear in this one, kate. i think obama has now for political reasons, because of the mid-term elections and because he can't get anything through congress, he has an interest in being seen as doing more than he's actually capable on his own so he's real emphasizing the executive actions and we know to fix the immigration system you need legislation out of congress. he has an interest in arguing he's doing more sajanthan balasingam he can and boehner and the republicans who have a lot of stake arguing that obama is out of control and an imperial president. instead of them saying, which was more typical of a previous era, the president is not doing enough to control the border, they are saying -- >> this is too much. >> he's usurping our powers. >> i want to get your take on this. do you agree with ryan that -- that this is kind of a real
3:26 am
interesting time because as he was saying, there's a little bit or let's be honest a lot of bit of politics involved here because on the flip side it should come as no surprise to president obama that there's not going to be any action on immigration reform this year. we've known that for a long time. he said you're not going to act so i'm going to do what i can do. >> to be sure the president is playing some politics here. he's wanted some action on this bill. he wants to use the crisis as an example of why they need action on the bill. all good, but what congress is doing is understandable politics, especially in an election year. what's not going to work for either side, i think they will both discover, there will be rage in the populace because we're going to see thousands of kids in really compromised dangerous situations. we're already seeing fatalities and so forth and for them not to be able to get together, not something they can devolve down to the states. >> or put off. >> they can't put it off any longer. you know, there's a crisis at hand, and they are going to have to deal with it, and, you know,
3:27 am
when we start to see more and more press about what's happening to these kids, these thousands and thousands of kids who are in such desperate dire straits, when we start sending reporters back to honduras and el salvador and guatemala to seat conditions they are fleeing, there's going to be real anger at both sides of capitol hill for not getting this stuff done. >> while there's still unlikely to be any real immigration reform by the end of the year, one democratic congress had a really interesting line, the antidote to doing nothing is to do; and i know that probably is one of their political message but it does resonate with voters. errol, ryan, thanks so much. >> great conversation there. next up on "new day," we're watching the weather. there's a hurricane forming and it's expected to impact the east coast this friday. what does all this mean for the fourth of july plans? we'll have that for you in moments. first get south to brazil. hey, chris, the guess in the
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studio wanted to know if that shirt came in men's sizes. >> that stings. they are just jealous. let the haters hate, all me and all american enthusiasm. you're talking about a storm back home. there's a bigger one brewing right here. it's starting to swirl in the stadium behind us. it's american energy. what happens when the u.s. takes it to belgium? how do they win this game and move on? because otherwise they have to go home and wait until you see the american experience here. this jersey is the least of the guys' worries back home. it's a great place to be and we'll take you there in a minute. (vo) after 50 years of designing
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in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you! the national hurricane center is saying a storm brewing off the east coast could become a category 1 hurricane later this week. the storm would impact tens of millions of americans and, of course, in addition the fourth of july holiday. let's get to meteorologist indra petersons with all of the details. how is it looking now, indra? >> right now currently, kate, it's a tropical depression, very strong tropical depression with steady winds at 35 miles per hour, currently hanging over the grand bahamas but let's watch
3:33 am
what happens because we know this forecast could affect so many of you right on the fourth of july. notice all of the weather models are currently coming no-no a consensus. they expect this to affect the entire seaboard as we make our way through the fourth of july holiday weekend. by this afternoon expect it to strengthen into a tropical storm. then as we get in through tomorrow, still hanging off of florida and bring them that heavy rain and as we go in through about wednesday into thursday, right into the carolinas, but now here is where it gets tricky. strengthens from thursday night right into the early morning hours of fourth of july into a category 1 hurricane. expected to speed up and make its way through the northeast and exit offshore. that's the piece of good news you have here by saturday. quick moving once it gets caught up in that jet stream. there's the timing. trying to make the fourth of july plans, florida, into tomorrow. there's heavy rain. into the carolinas as you go into thursday and then by thursday into friday kind of tapers off in the carolinas and
3:34 am
there you go. look as the bullseye. category one hurricane. hanging off the coastline. right off d.c. and new york city and quickly exiting off to the eve. lots to be concerned with again as we head through the fourth of july holiday and so many people trying to get out of town but it will be a tough one, michaela. >> impacting travel plans for sure. you can watch that and bring it for us. let's take you to the crisis in iraq where the threat of isis is intensifying for the u.s. to send in hundreds of more troops to help push back on the militants unrelenting charge towards the nation's capital. the increased number of u.s. forces is in addition to the hundreds of military advisors already on the ground to help support iraqi forces. more live from baghdad with the very latest on this development. >> and foes forces aren't going to be just protecting the embassy. we understand those will be distributed around the major highways and surrounding baghdad
3:35 am
airport which is being seen as an increasing point of vulnerability being it's on the western side of the capital. the militant group has pretty much taken much of the territory in that western anbar province and now giving them a direct line of sight through the western gateway of baghdad which would take them right past baghdad's crucial airport. but if there is a sense of urgency amongst americans, that doesn't seem to be translating to iraqi lawmakers who postponed their parliamentary session after convening for 30 seconds, failing to even elect a speaker. so much was at stake here, not just the political process moving forward but further u.s. support, the americans have said that they don't want to ramp up their air cover or any other type of intensified military support here on the ground without seeing it from the government and until parliament convenes we're not going to see that here in iraq. michaela.
3:36 am
>> thank you for that. we'll seep an eye on that as well. let's take a break. coming up on "new day," the fired nanny in california. she finally gives in, but she's also setting conditions for moving out of that family's home and she is not going quietly, surprise, surprise. why she says she is the victim here. let's get back to chris in brazil. hey, chris. >> all right, everybody. we'll live here in salvador behind suswhere the big game is. the u.s. either wins or goes home. we'll have somebody here who is going to explain what will make a difference on the field. there's going to be a surprise factor in the game we haven't talked about yet. we'll want to hear that and what's going on back where you are at home. u.s. soccer is bigger than ever. why? we'll talk about it.
3:37 am
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>> i believe that we -- >> i believe that we -- >> i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! >> the words are infectious t.spreads like a virus through your soul, letting you know that the u.s. soccer team can do it, but how? how good are the chances, and what does this all mean back home? has there real been a difference now? is u.s. soccer in a new place, and will it go even further today in the stadium behind us? all big questions. lucky for you we have answers. grant wall is with us, senior writer "sports illustrated." nobody knows u.s. soccer better than you. give us a pat on the back. thanks for joining us. let's start with what happens in
3:41 am
the stadium. you can't overhype it because it's worth the excitement, but these predictions of the u.s. winning seem to be all over the place. is that a little bit of irrational exuberance. >> not really, actually i'm very realistic about this u.s. team and its chances, and i think this is a very winnable game for the united states. i think they match up well against belgium. i think the u.s. has a lot more tournament experience than belgium has, and i think they will manage this game well. belgium has a lot of young players, and if they go down in this game, i think you could see them respond negatively to that. >> now, one of the points that i want to make for everyone back home that will help you understand how soccer is a little different, and i know a lot of us plan on getting it, and i know a lot of us don't. you can win a soccer match because you make yourself tough to beat. a little bit of a tough concept. usually you've got to go out there and score more points. you do here as well but that's often a function of just being very difficult on the other team. explain why that may play to the
3:42 am
u.s. advantage because on tape the belgians have all the stars but that may not be enough. >> the u.s. traditionally in world cup has done a very good job of being a very fit team, very difficult team to play, to score against and being vehemently strong, and i think those will play to the u.s. advantages here today. soccer is one of those games where we often talk about, oh, did that team outplay the other one? did that team deserve to win? >> right. >> and a lot of times, i think more in this sport than in other sport, the team that wins isn't always the best team and i think thes has a way about them that they can find ways to win when they aren't maybe the better team. >> two "x" factors people haven't been talking about, first, the ref. he's algerian. people give him his respect, but he will be speaking a language that's very familiar to the belgians, french, not so much to the u.s. what. could that mean? >> well, we'll have to wait and see. the u.s. coach jurgen klinsmann came out and publicly criticized
3:43 am
fifa assigning this algerian ref to this game in part because algeria was in belgium's group in this world cup, in part because the u.s. beat algeria very famously in the last world cup. i don't know if that's going to be a huge issue. i think this algerian ref has had two very good games for this ref. >> more heat than light. >> i think jurgen klinsmann is playing some mind games here and i don't suspect this referee will be a factor. >> raumd madan, strict moral ru of what you're supposed to do and not do as well as dietary. you have islamic muslim players on the belgian side. do you not on the u.s. side. does that matter? it's hot as heck here? >> they are not observing ramadan at this point the belgian players so certain teammates in this tournament r.algier yeah, their players were. >> they are free of the restriction. >> and ozil for germany is not observing ramadan which includes
3:44 am
not eating during daylight hours, not consuming water during the daylight hours if you're being very strict about it but the belgian players are not so i don't think that will end up being a factor in the game. >> lastly, no matter what happens here today the u.s. team has won because it's won over our hearts. bigger in the u.s. than i've ever seen it before, even around a world cup. you wrote a great book about david beckham. he went to the u.s., you'll remember, to try to change the culture there. didn't get it done. that's in column "a" right now. sorry, david, but that happens. what is different this time and what does it mean for people back home? >> 25 million people in the united states watching on television, usa-port georgia a lot of people will be watching this game. these are the biggest television audiences we've ever seen in the united states for soccer. >> huge. >> ever. >> they are on par with just about any big event that goes on tleks septemb there except maybe the super bowl. >> if the u.s. wins this game and has a quarterfinal with
3:45 am
argentina on saturday we'd see numbers like never seen before. in every world cup this sport gets new fans in the u.s. hand now we have an infrastructure where you can watch 70 to 80 live soccer games a week on television. it has become a daily part of united states culture. >> let me correct one thing. you said if. did you mean if or did you mean when? i'm sorry. >> on the hedge a little bit. still think the u.s. is going to win >> i heard you say if. >> the jersey started to tingle when you said that. grant, thank you very much. appreciate you being here. >> thanks. >> kate, back to you. getting hot here already. don't forget the weather a big factor in what happens. >> a big factor. a lot of jokes i could be telling right now but i'm not going to because i love you. coming up next on "new day," she was described as the live-in nanny from hell, hired, then fired and stubbornly refusing to leave the home of her employer. now she's finally speaking out, and you won't believe what she's saying. we'll be back.
3:46 am
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new this morning, we're finally hearing from the so-called nightmare nanny herself. dine stretton refused to leave the home her former employer even though they fired her month ago. now stretton is speaking out herself saying she's not the nightmare. they are. our miguel marquez has more. >> reporter: the so-called
3:50 am
nightmare nanny striking back, speaking out for the first time. >> well, first of all, i wasn't fired unless you can be fired after you quit. >> reporter: diane stretton insists she's not a conartist squatter but a victim who was mistreated by the family. >> they were the ones that were trying exploit me as if i was some poor migrant worker from a foreign country. >> reporter: in an interview with l.a.'s knx radio she says she wasn't fired. she quit after being exploited and overworked, forced to work 90 days straight without any time off. >> when i was working, i didn't get lunch breaks. i didn't get coffee breaks. i didn't get any holidays or basically i was working 24/7. >> reporter: stretton's story is exactly the opposite of what we've been hearing from the family. >> she wouldn't do anything. she stayed in her room 90% of the day. >> reporter: they maintained they fired the 64-year-old after
3:51 am
she started neglecting her work, saying she refused to leave and threatened to sue, and according to california law the family couldn't force her out without an eviction notice which could take anywhere from 30 to 45 days. >> felt so helpless in this situation. >> reporter: stretton is living out of her car but her ber longings remains in the family's house. er? has found several lawsuits from stretton over the year, actions that put her on california's litigation list for abusing the legal system. despite her history stretton maintains she's not at fault. >> i bought a substantial amount of my own food, and the food that i did get was terrible. i didn't have access to the laundry room hardly ever. i didn't have access to the bathroom hardly ever. the air conditioning wasn't on. i think they are the con artists. >> reporter: miguel marquez, cnn, new york. >> so much to get to here. let's bring in our legal analyst
3:52 am
sonny hostin and joey jackson to bring this in. vexatious, that's an interesting part of this, more in a moment. sonny, is law really on the nan nanny's side? er the family lawyer says it may be. >> absolutely the same law from state to state. when somebody has established residency in your home, you can't kick them out. have you to go through a legal eviction process. you can't say you've got to get out and get out tomorrow. i think that that's something that a lot of people don't realize, and what's so fascinating about this story, you know i have children, i have a 19, i've had au pairs. they are like a member of your family. >> sure. >> sometimes i feel like i would rather my husband go because my nanny goes. >> she said, it on television. >> do you believe it? >> she is my wife. i depend on her, and, you know, it's -- it's every working mother's nightmare, quite frankly this, type of relationship, really are in a relationship with your nanny goes sour. >> here's the thing, joey, he
3:53 am
said, she said. the family says they fired her and the nanny says that she quit. i have to ask though, the aspect of her not being terminated properly, that is an important distinction to be made. >> is that her claim, she wasn't terminated properly? they didn't bring the white wine, they brought the we had ryan? >> the judge sided with the nanny. >> initially the judge did, and i think, you know, there's a lot that goes into this and i think, quite frankly, bottom line, buyer has to be beware. before you bring anybody in your home check her history. we know she had a history of litigation and a person prone to that but i don't know whether it turns on whether she was quit or fired or the he said she said. it turns on whether or not properly she was dismissed around whether or not she should real leave the home. >> the thing that makes so many of us crazy is that you can't -- once you've invited someone into your home, you're talking -- >> almost like vampires, like "true blood." >> there's no way to get them
3:54 am
out. essentially having to victim as though you would evict a tenant or roommate. >> this is a tenet in law, remember "figure heights, "with michael keaton, couldn't get him out. >> does that need to change? >> happens all over the country. i don't think so, i don't think so. by and large it's there to protect people from, you know, unscrupulous landowners and landlords so i think it's it's there to protect. >> this is an extreme situation, but to joey's point, and really a good one, before you hire a 19you really have to do the background check. go through an agency. all these things you need to do. put an ad on craigslist, don't want to bash craigslist, you're trusting someone with your most precious people in the world you really have to do a thorough job. >> recommendations is important,
3:55 am
too. >> she was a plaintiff and a variety of cases. >> i was not until this week, i did not know about this vexatious list that exists. it's there for exactly this point. wouldn't that be included in a background check? >> you would certainly think. >> one might think. >> when you otherwise do a background check on someone, michaela, a lot of things come up about you, and one thing i want to find out if i'm hiring a nanny, and the bottom line it will come up. we're all allowed to sue. certainly you want due process and you want laws that protect tennants and laws that protect landlords so you want the due process, but at the end of the day if somebody is suing and they are over ly litigious. >> is there a chance that we've gotten this wrong and this woman needed more protection? are there specific workplace protections for people who live in your home?
3:56 am
>> really r.protections afforded to every employee are generally afforded to nannies living in your home, especially those living in your home. they can't work 24 hours a day. you do have to give them vacation. you do have to give them time to sleep, proper time to sleerngs and you should, right, because they are taking care of your children? >> seen some instances where the opposite has been happening. >> absolutely there are protections. would i say we don't know enough about this story but for the vexatious list, but the fact that she sues so many people, that leads me to believe that there's something up with this nanny. >> labor laws are certainly applicable, too, so you want to ensure you pay them properly. otherwise there's a wage claim against you. >> absolutely. >> a lot of times you offer them health insurance and disability insurance, claim them on your taxes. household employees. >> want to hear the stories? >> i'm going to save her now.
3:57 am
>> i'll send it over to you, kate. >> one more cup of coffee and then we're definitely going to hear the stories. following that news and also a lot of other news we're following this morning so let's get right to t. >> i believe that we will win. >> more of mainstream america is getting behind us. >> you see where the game is going. you can't stop it anymore. >> the u.s. is considering new airport security measures. >> we remain concerned. >> this is as dangerous a time for an al qaeda threat to the united states as i've ever seen. >> toronto mayor rob ford is breaking his silence. >> the people of this great city, i want to offer a public apology. i'm ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated. >> good morning and welcome once again to "new day." chris is live in salvador, brazil, for the world cup and first right there we do have breaking news for you. a storm is brewing off the east coast. it's now predict that had it could become a category 1
3:58 am
hurricane by later this week. it couldn't come at a worst time, of course. it's set to run for maybe many the fourth of july holiday for tens of millions of people. let's get straight over to meteorologist indra petersons who is tracking these developments. indra, where is it and when, i guess is most important. >> this is something we've been watching, kate. look what's going on now. just off the coast of florida, this is an 18-hour loop, right over the grand bahamas, you're talking about what's a tropical depression. current stats make it a strong tropical depression and make it strengthen into a tropical storm by today. take a look now. 35-mile-per-hour winds, 39 miles per hour. that's all it takes to bring it into that tropical storm category. that is what's expected as we go through the afternoon today and it's not stopping there. this guy is strengthening, expected to strengthen into a category 1 hurricane. as far as the timing of all, hanging off the coast of florida by tomorrow. still kind of slow moving. wednesday into thursday affecting the carolinas and picking up in the jet stream but
3:59 am
strengthening at the same time so right off the coast of d.c. we do have the potential for a category 1 hurricane in the forecast making its way all the way up and hugging that east coast, all the way even in through new england as we go through that fourth of july. so as far as timing here. look at this, the spaghetti models. they are in consensus. for now this looks like that this will be the track since you have that consensus among all of the weather models so we'll take you day by day. florida is where you'll see the heaviest amounts of rain. expected to travel into the carolinas, look for the weather impact to be wednesday in through thursday and the toughest time period will be thursday night in through friday. early hours of friday morning, that's when we expect that bullseye to be a category 1 hurricane. off to d.c. making its way in quickly through new york city. not curbing off the coast line. it's expected to hug the coastline and real impact all of these major cities and make its way off shore. definitely going to be a rough
4:00 am
ride. warm temperatures. really all about the rough weather. strong winds expected to impact the area. >> a rough ride. indra, thanks so much. >> let's talk about weather of a very different kind. let's get back to chris in brmpt you said it's very hot, huh? >> it is hot, but there's also a storm brewing here, my friend. we're live in salvador, the state of bejia in the country of brazil. just over my shoulder is where it all goes down on this day of destiny. the u.s. takes on belgium. the winners moves on and the loser, you know what happens to them. so what's going to happen? lucky for us we have lara baldesarra anchor of cnn's "world sports." a bold prediction from baldesarra, that this game may come down to penalty kicks. >> yeah, i definitely think so. not decided in 90, not 120 minutes, i think we're going to kicks.
4:01 am
>> anything can happen. >> such a closely matched game and anything can happen. this is sort of a whole different mentality for players, for coaches at this point of the world cup because we have the group stage where the goal was simply to get through the group stage. had to do anything you could to get through so you could lose, not a big deal, like we saw the usa do but now have you to win. whole different mentality and for a lot of players talking about that hunger that's really growing in their belly. they want to go all the way and keep winning and make it to the finals. listen to what clint democrats he to say yesterday. >> we're really hungry. for some of the guys it's the last opportunity so, you want to make the most of it, and i'm sure if we play to the best of our ability we'll get a positive result. >> that is the captain clint demsey, broken nose and all.
4:02 am
i'm wearing the jersey that they won when they won the world cup. i'm ready to go. hold this. because of weather i may need to change out of it anyway. penalty kicks, comes down to the goalie, unfair. that's the rule of sport. orderly i'd say tim howard, one of the best, looking good for the u.s. but belgian's goalie is also well known. >> he's on loan from chelsea, a top club in europe this. kid is being groomed to be one of the best keepers in the world, a shot-stopper, but like you said, when it comes to penalty kicks it really has nothing to do with the goalkeeper's ability half the time. all the goalkeeper does, stands there and he guesses. you have to make a guess right or left or stay in the middle. now if the goalkeeper maybe is familiar with some of the other players or he's done his homeworks like he should have, that means they will know their tendencies. you might know, hey that guy, he always goes to the right on his penalty kick and tim howard, he
4:03 am
knows those tendencies of a lot of these players because he faces them all the time in europe. he plays against them in the premier league. he plays with them in the premier league, like lukaku, they both played together on everton, so that's a really, really large advantage. plus, this is a team that jurgen klinsmann has actually had training with penalty kicks since january. training up at stanford, so they are getting all the teaching and training out of way. they are ready. >> and i trust you about the goalie stuff because baldesarra was a goalie. >> i was. >> in the vertically challenged league. you know what happens with penalty kicks, the fan factor. the u.s. has bought more tickets than any other country except brazil. the belgians will be at a disadvantage in there today. how can that happen? >> you know, i would have thought that would always be the case. however, when i wassed a the usa-germany game, a lot of american fans there but the
4:04 am
german fans, they seemed to overpower the americans inside the stadium? >> crazy talk. >> chanting, and i know you don't want to hear that. >> we believe, baldesarra. maybe they have deeper and louder voices than the americans, i don't know. >> nobody has a bigger mouth than americans, you know that. >> when it comes down to it in that stadium, we'll be able to hear all of that chanting. >> the 12th man effect, they have to bring it today. they have to bring it. you say it comes down to penalty kicks. we'll see what happens. a bold prediction from baldesarra. we bring it back to you. this is where it's all going to happen in just a few hours. this is the day of destiny. >> i'm getting excited. thank you, chris. we'll get back to you in just a moment. also want to talk about big news here at home. new security measures are being considered at u.s. airport. this is all over growing concerns that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula may be working on explosives that are more difficult to detect. joining us to discuss is fran townsend, cnn national security analyst and former homeland security adviser to president
4:05 am
george w. bush. she is also on the cia and department of homeland security advisory boards. fran, a lot to discuss here because this is scary when they are coming out saying we have concerns, so here's my question. they are looking at a vulnerability, as it's been described, in airports because of aqap. they are not calling us more than that. what could this vulnerability be? >> so we know the aqap bomb maker al asiri, the underwear bomber, sochi heard about potential bombs in tooth paste. he works constantly on developing a bomb that might be able to get past airport security, even talk of him looking at body cavity-inserted bombs, so clearly the u.s. government has come across intelligence that they believe is credible, and they are looking to develop screening measures, they are not going to tell you what they are, because they don't want to signal to the
4:06 am
bad guys precisely what they know. it's a brushback pitch. this is their attempt to sort of signal to the bad guys, look, we know what you're developing. we're going to have countermeasures to identify that, and so you may not be successful. >> i think everyone understands the both seen and unseen security measures that we hear about in our airport, but what about the mantra that if you see something, say something. would it be helpful to transportation security, if they told -- told travelers what they are looking for what, to keep an eye out for if there is this new kind of threat. >> the problem with that is if you tell -- if you make too much public, right, the bad guys then rejigger whatever they are working on to get past that screening measure, so it's a delicate balance. >> could also try to act as a deterrent for them. >> that's right. >> we're on to you. >> that's exactly right. that's part of it. >> and this is -- this is really -- it comes at a time where you see so much turmoil in
4:07 am
iraq and syria, so many foreign fighters where our attention is focused. i think they also wanted to signal to al qaeda. we've not forgotten but. we're capable of dealing with both things at one time and we're watching the intelligence threat. >> let's be honest, it's not just security. it's not just a threat within the united states. i would even think that it's more so a threat from a flight, if you will, coming from overseas into the u.s. how does the u.s. government work with or push other governments to beef up their own security at the airport in. >> well, i'll tell you, oddly in the last few days, i've been through paris' charles de gaulle and noticed a real increase of troops, of security agents in airports. clearly the united states is sharing what intelligence they have with european allies and travelers will see an increased presence of security throughout international airports. >> this threat from this bomb-maker though, i mean, i feel like once every few months you and i are talking about it.
4:08 am
the threat continues for sure. fran, thank you so much. >> let's give you a lock at your headlines right now. israel launching air strikes against dozens of hamas targets in gaza. this is just hours after three missing israeli teenagers were found dead in the west bank. those boys disappeared more than two weeks ago. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu blamed hamas for their deaths. for their part they have denied involvement. a little known islamic militant group moan while has claimed responsibility. president obama and other world leaders are also condemning the killings and calling for restraint so as not to inflame tensions further in the middle east. in iraq the u.s. presence is increasing as 300 more troops are sent in to help the violence-ravaged country. 200 of those troops will provide security for u.s. interests in iraq, including at the embassy. this is on top of the already 300 military advisers on the ground already to support iraqi forces. meanwhile newly elected parliament was supposed to hold
4:09 am
its first session today to begin the process of forming a new government, however, it was postponed because the minimum number of members were not present. we're learning more about the scope of the nsa spying powers. secret documents leaked from former nsa contractor edward snowden show that the fifa court not only allowed the agency to sthoop on phone calls or e-mails of its foreign targets, it also let the nsa intercept communications about them which means the pool of people being spied on could be much larger than previously thought. only four countries are off limits, britain, canada, australia and new zealand. another big recall to tell but for general motors, the company announcing it had found safety issues with 8.4 million of its vehicles worldwide. most of the problems are with suspected flaws in the ignition switch that can turn off while the car is in motion. similar defect has been blamed for 13 deaths that led to earlier recalls and a federal investigation. gm has called back more than 29
4:10 am
million cars -- vehicles rather so far this year. >> that number keeps rising. >> yeah. >> we're also going to be talking about today mayor rob ford. he's back at toronto's city hall after spending two months in rehab. you'll probably remember it was an emotional speech that he offered. he apologized admitting his drug and alcohol use affected his job performance. while many found him sincere others were turned off when it turned into a campaign speech. paula newton is reporting for us from toronto. >> reporter: he's back. >> how are you feeling, sir? >> reporter: but this time around toronto mayor rob ford is breaking his silence to say sorry. >> to the people of this great city i want to offer a public apology. >> reporter: ford says he's now coming clean, owning up to his
4:11 am
addiction to crack cocaine. >> i take full responsibility for my actions. >> reporter: this marks ford's first week back in office since reports of a video showing him smoking crack cocaine surfaced in may. >> i am ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated. >> reporter: ford's apology lasted 17 minutes, his first public remarks since returning from his two-month stint in rehab. >> i had become my own worst enemy. >> reporter: the 45-year-old contrite and measured demeanor at monday's address a striking contrast to this man. ♪ who graced toronto's city hall two months ago. the often boisterous, sometimes inebriated and frequently clumsy mayor made a name for himself internationally this past year. >> i have begun the process of taking control of my life.
4:12 am
>> reporter: this isn't ford's first mea culpa. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have, in november over a separate set of crack allegations. >> after several months of denials ford fessed up. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine but no -- am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> reporter: one of those drunken stupors caught on video when released by "toronto star" that same month. but that was then and now ford says his commitment to living clean is unwavering. his new focus, running for office again. i look forward to serving you for many, many more years.
4:13 am
>> reporter: paula newton, cnn, atlanta. >> paula, thank you so much. >> the big question there is if toronto voters believe him and are willing to give him another chance. >> and it's up to them, and it's also up to him to live up to that commitment of living clean. that should be the -- the thing he is most focused on at this moment. let's take a break. coming up next on "new day," supreme court decision that could have a major affect on women's health care. how will the hobby lobby ruling impact future cases. we get a legal breakdown. that's ahead. another left his shoes on the plane... his shoes! and a third simply doesn't want to be here. ♪ until now... until right booking now. ♪ planet earth's number one accomodation site booking.yeah! [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones.
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welcome back. the nation's highest court effectively striking down a provision of the president's health care law. the supreme court's majority ruling in favor of companies who want to deny coverage of certain contraceptives due to religious beliefs, but the dissending justices, they argued that this could have real and very big implications for cases to come. let's discuss and get a legal breakdown from jeffrey toobin, cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. jeffrey, a lot of emotions on both sides of this. that cannot be denied. i'm hearing, one, that this is a narrow ruling, but, two, that this is going to have far-reaching implications. is this narrow? is this a first step? you tell me. >> oh, i think it's clearly a first step. where we're going in that first
4:18 am
step is not clear. you know, before yesterday the supreme court had never even said that corporations have rights to religious freedom, but now we know that corporations, closely held corporations, where half of the people in the united states work, they do have rights to religious freedom under the first amendment, and they can prohibit their employees from obtaining certain forms of birth control in -- under the health care law, but where that goes from here is not clear, but clearly other companies are going to make similar kinds of claims. >> let's explore that though because i want to know where you think this could next because justice a lotto wrote in part, our decision in these cases is concerned solely with the contraceptive mandate.
4:19 am
he believes that he writes that they are writing a narrow decision. so tell me. where could this go next? is this only going to relate to health care, or could this go where justice ginsberg thinks, that this could even move into minimum wage? >> well, only contraception. contraception is a big deal. think about this. this case was only about four kinds of birth control which the company that owns hobby lobby thinks are equivalent to abortion, but what about a company that says we don't believe in our religion, in artificial contraception, we don't want to pay for contraception at all. what about a company that says our religion bars pre-marital sex, so we don't want single women to get contraception under our company policies, so only contraception is a pretty big category, and that's before you move on to the possibility of some religions don't believe in transfusions. some religions don't believe in any kind of medical care, like
4:20 am
christian science. there are a lot of potential implications here, even if it's only about contraception. >> can it go even beyond that. i heard folks talking yesterday that, look, you could take this and you could take -- take the next big step when you talk about the umbrella of an objection because of religion beliefs. you could be targeting anti-discrimination laws. >> well, during the '60s when the civil rights act passed there were companies that said under our reading of the bible we don't believe in the mixing of races so we are not going to honor the civil rights act. the supreme court very emphatically rejected those sorts of claims and in fact in justice alito's opinion he made reference to those cases, that you can't claim religious exemption from desegregation laws, but where the line is, in terms of what's permissible as a religious objection to a law,
4:21 am
it's just -- it's frankly very murky now, and the one thing we can be sure of is there are lots of cases already in the pipeline that were awaiting the resolution of the hobby lobby case and certainly more will be filed because religions obviously important to a lot of people. a lot of people own companies that are affected by the affordable care act and they are going to make claims. >> and, jeff, because of this decision, are you thinking that those cases in the pipeline on various other kind of objections or challenges, they won't make it back up to the supreme court. it's going to be left to the lower court. >> well, usually after a big decision like that, the supreme court lets the lower courts try to figure out what they meant. >> feels like they offered us with more questions than a real standard to work off of. >> that's often the case. that's why it's important to be a lower federal court judge and
4:22 am
most decisions are not reviewed by the united states supreme court. this is all going to play out in short order, and we're going to see more cases like this, and, you know, i want to be honest. i don't know how they are going to come out. there are a lot of possibilities. i anticipate probably different federal judges will decide these cases differently and then it will probably be back up before the supreme court soon. >> the what's next seems to be absolutely an unanswered question? >> can i tell you what's next? >> yeah. >> what's next is that cuomo better not come back without a win. he can wear his fancy jersey all he wants, but he is responsible for beating belgium today. >> this is what i would like to compliment you on, the fact that you just left it as fancy jersey. >> i like that. >> people are describing that a little differently maybe in this studio. maybe a little -- a little snug, but we'll leave it there, as we have to say i don't want any more conversation because i'm going to get myself in trouble. we're out of time, i've got to go. >> bye, kate. >> thank you, jeffrey toobin.
4:23 am
you heard it from the man, the legal scholar, chris. you better bring back a win. >> jeffrey toobin, jeffrey toobin, i think going to be harshly criticized in the court of public opinion making it seem as though this jersey were anything other than pure american optimism. happens to be an extra large, just to let you know i'm swelling with pride here because over our shoulder this is where the u.s. takes on belgium, and wait until you see the extra factor that the u.s. has in its corner. wait until you see how pumped the fans are, how red, white and blue is coming for you here in brazil. belgium better watch out. what a night we had with the fans. >> i believe that we will win. >> usa!
4:24 am
4:25 am
you need to see this. show 'em the curve. ♪ do you know what this means? the greater the curvature, the bigger the difference. [sci-fi tractor beam sound] ...sucked me right in... it's beautiful. gotta admit one thing... ...can't beat the view. ♪ introducing the world's first curved ultra high definition television from samsung.
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4:27 am
welcome back to "new day." we're following breaking news as we watch the weather this morning. the national hurricane center now saying that the storm that's brewing off the east coast could very well become a category 1 hurricane later this week. that means the storm would impact tens of thousands of people. of course, leading up to the july fourth holiday. this is more than just wore egabout our barbecue plans and fireworks plans this. really is a concern, indra. >> definitely a concern because now the system is expected to strengthen. right now currently just a tropical depression hanging off the bahamas. currently a strong depression. already at 35 miles per hour. 39 miles per hour. that's what makes it a tropical storm. that's exactly what it's expected to do later today. look at all the weather models. we don't typically see that much consensus. all the models are saying this is going to be hugging the
4:28 am
coastline all the way through, so even exiting out through new england. that is the concern as this system is suspected to even continue to strengthen into a category 1 hurricane. as far as the timing later this afternoon, expected to be a tropical storm, hugging that florida coastline and then as we go wednesday through thursday really right around the carolinas. still a tropical storm there, but that will be your biggest impact and then as we go thursday night to the early morning hours of the fourth of july, that's when it's expected to strengthen into at category 1 hurricane right off the coast of d.c. quickly picking up with the quicker movement and hug is coastline, not exiting offshore, all the way in through maine. that's the concern as we go forward through time. day by day. really into tomorrow. that's going to be the bullseye when you're impacted the most. in through the carolinas. fourth of july, that's where you see it hanging off the coast of d.c. and even new york city making its way through boston. tough next 72 hours to get through. >> hurricane season kicking off
4:29 am
early and hard too. >> making its presence known. that's for sure. >> indra, thanks so much. let's turn now to washington to "inside politics" on "new day." >> we'll get ready for that fourth of july coming. lots to talk about on "inside politics" and with me to share their thoughts, our guests. two huge policy moves, one with immigration, president has waited too long on immigration. house republicans won't bring a senate-passed immigration will to the floor so listen to the president where he says he'll use executive action beginning this summer to try to deal women gracious from the white house. >> our country and our economy would be stronger today if house republicans had allowed a simple yes or no vote on this bill or maybe any other bill and follow
4:30 am
the american people who support immigration and time and time again they are unwilling to stand up for the apartment to do what's pest for the country and the worst part is a bunch know better. >> house speaker tweeted this. a photo of the white house and then he said, you know, retweet, share if you don't trust the president to enforce the law and issued a statement saying more executive action isn't going to stem the tide of illegal crossings, it's only going to make them worse. julie pace, what's the conclusion at the white house? first they say they will increase border security, send new resources there but the president is open to beginning this summer giving guest worker permits to people who are here undocumented. what else? >> the white house has been looking for a while at the pool of options available to them. they say though that the pool of options is far more limited than what a lot of immigration advocates want them to do. you won't hear the u.s. saying everybody in the country illegally is able to stay here. you won't see them doing huge
4:31 am
swaps of illegal immigrant pools and saying they can stay here. they will accompany this with more border enforcement to play both sides of this debate. some executive action but immigration activists disappointed. >> already mad. the president says the first step is to try to keep the children from crossing the border. the left is mad and the right is furious at some of it. at a time when the speaker says he's already going to sue the president, some republicans call him the imperial president, using executive powers to go beyond his true authority. where is this headed politically? >> this is a sticky situation for the obama straight when you're looking ahead to 2014 an democrats still trying to figure out how to play their relationship to the president right now, those in districts that have a lot of immigrant populations and hispanic and latino populations in particular. a real difficult area for him. as julie noted it's going to be very give for the president to make a lot of people happy here, particularly with how limited the scope of the options available to him. >> immigration was a big issue.
4:32 am
the president was speaking and the supreme court issued in on the right of private corporations to deny coverage. obamacare is wrong, you can't force us to provide something that we're against on religious principles. hillary clinton doesn't always jump in the daily news cycle but hillary clinton. >> it's very troubling that a sales clerk at hobby lobby who needs contraception which is pretty expensive is not going to get that service through her employer's health care plan because her employer doesn't think she should be using contraception. >> also jumping in quickly, the senate majority leader harry reid. he's trying to keep that job. the senate is up for grabs in this mid-term election year. harry reid sends out a tweet, it's a mock letter, your boss saying that your boss has decided to take away your
4:33 am
contraceptive coverage. on this one the democrats see an opportunity. the right wins here. christian conservatives especially are pleased with the supreme court decision here. democrats see an opportunity though to use this motivate turnout this fall, among women voters and younger voters. do they have as much luck potentially in 2014 when you look at the states involved in the key senate races that tend to be more conservative or hillary clinton not so quickly because she sees this as a 2016 presidential bonus? >> absolutely right. hillary clinton must see some sort of 2016 opportunity here or else she would not have weighed on the daily news. just look at the last mind fund-raising e-mails that came out yesterday immediately after this decision, you saw women's groups and pro-democratic groups saying this is an infringement. this is a thing that they are hoping to gin up enthusiasm and get people not likely to vote, some young people not likely to go to the polls in mid term and perhaps turn them out in 2014, i'm not sure how successful it is but it seems like they are banking on it. >> from the white house perspective, this is yet another defeat at the supreme court. what do they do?
4:34 am
senate democrats are saying they may propose legislation to quote, unquote, fix it but they know there's just no way that the republican house is going to touch that. >> the white house is going to go to congress and say we hope that we can legislatively fix what the supreme court did here. probably won't happen. it is interesting that we're at this period in the presidency where obama is looking to do as much as he can through executive action, kind of push the envelope on that and at the same time the supreme court is tugging him back a little bit, not just on this issue, on the recess appointments, epa so you're seeing the balance of power in action right now. >> a huge debate back and form. don't underestimate, the legal tug-of-war, hard to see in the daily tug-of-war, but five years from now legal scholars and a future president will talk about what happened to my powers during this period of time. let's move on and this one is particularly interesting because if the democrats proposed a resolution saying the sunrise is great the republicans would block it. if the republicans proposed a resolution saying isn't ice water fabulous on a hot day the democrats would block it and yet pick up "the national journal"
4:35 am
this morning seems the members of congress have somehow behind closed doors agreed on something, making it harder for us to track travel they take that's paid for by private interests. lo and behold, juana, the congress can't do much but let's make it harder when they pay for our free trips. why would they do this, and, b, how do you catch them? >> i'm not thinking this is going to help congress' approval rating, a very sticky issue. one of the questions that jumped out to me is how exactly do you do this and get away with this. seems like a cherry picked opportunities for these pro accountability groups that want to get influences of big money out of congress to just seize on. we're in the so-called era of post ear marks. really interested to see it play out. i'm not sure how they managed to agree on this one. >> one thing they do agree, helping or protecting themselves. an opportunity if you're a candidate to seize out this to juana's point. congress has a zero approval rating or maybe it's 19 in one recent poll.
4:36 am
if you're a challenger out there, might be one of the things to say wait a minute, shouldn't be able to get away with this. how about a little transparency. >> running against an incumbent, a perfect thing to throw on the table. congress is unpopular. congress thinks congress is doing things behind the scenes that's a little sketchy so this is something you could use as a practical example but makes you wonder when congress does something like this. if you're trying to hide these things from the public maybe there is something that actually isn't great going on less. >> especially in this age of technology where it's pretty easy to disclose and disclose quickly. these are annual financial filings. not like they have to disclose this the day after or before. get day proved by the ethics committee and, ladies and gentlemen, that's not so hard to do, not at all. juana, julie, thanks for coming in this morning. as we go back to new york city president yesterday paid tribute to the departing white house patrie chef, sounds really sad that he's loafing and now we know why. >> this is a problem. we called bill the crust master
4:37 am
because his pies, i don't know what he does, whether he puts crack in them or -- or -- but -- >> no, he doesn't. there is no crack in our pies. >> pretty perfect comedic timing. there is no crack in our pies. >> must be pretty good. i want a pie. >> i love it. we've all described our grandmother's or mother's cooking and i want a piece of that pie now, for sure. thanks, john. >> send him over, mr. president. >> we'll have a moment and have a "new day" party. coming up next, new confusion this morning over a routine exam for women. are pelvic exams necessary, and how often? we're going to look at the new guidelines that are raising a lot of questions once again. hey, chris. >> how are you? i'll tell you we're live here in
4:38 am
salvador, brazil. the big game is going to take place against belgium. how do we make the belgians waffle? is will come down to the fans, we're hoping, because wait until you see what america has imported to brazil. we spent a wild night with them. we're red, white and blue, running wild. it was really great. we'll take you through it. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about the very thing we do best.
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4:42 am
>> i believe that we will! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! >> an enchanting chant all the way down in brazil being heard all over the way back home in the u.s. i'll tell you what. we don't know what's going to happen when the u.s. plays belgium just over my shoulder later today, but we do know that the u.s. has already scored big with the fans here in brazil. the second most tickets sold, only to brazil that. award goes to u.s., and, boy, are they making the most of it. we were with them at the u.s. soccer federation's kickoff party last night, and we met people from well over half the states of the u.s. they have come here wearing their red, white and blue, feeling proud and ready to support the team, and, boy, i've got to tell you, it got wild. we even met a former president. take a look. >> i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win. >> the chant sen chanting.
4:43 am
u.s. fans have come to brazil in huge numbers and with huge expectations. >> how are we feeling about tomorrow? this is which go. this is tough. how are we feeling about it? >> i think it's the biggest game we've had since i've been alive, i don't know. it's huge for us. >> we've already gone further than we should have gone, and anyone thought we were going to go, but the likelihood of beating belgium is very high. >> usa! >> draped in red, white and blue, they came from all parts of america to brazil, and they are banking on beating belgium. >> we love you. we love you. ♪ and where you go we'll follow, we'll follow ♪ >> we planned this. we knew that the u.s. was going to make it past the group stage. they are going to play in salvador. >> some fans even partying in full costume. >> yeah. hedy goosevelt.
4:44 am
>> teddy gooooals-velt. >> what is the fans purpose here? >> to help the u.s. soccer team win another match. ♪ oh, i want to be in that number when the saints go marching in ♪ >> soccer is awesome. u.s. is awesome, but how awesome is it to be with your pop and even your father-in-law? >> it's awesome, be a bad influence on him and show him all the things we do when we're out drinking and supporting the u.s. >> i like this. got teachers from the u.s. here watching usa soccer. the best of us is now here representing. i like it. how are you enjoying? >> i know the u.s. is going to win tomorrow so i am pumped up. the best day ever >> you think the u.s. has the potential to make it? >> i know they have the potential. they will be there. >> that's an a-plus answer,
4:45 am
teacher. no question there's pressure on the american side to bring home a victory, but in some ways they have already won. >> we've already beat every expectations in and out of country made on this team. >> what happens when you tell the u.s. they can't do something? >> we do it. >> that's exactly right. that's what i'm talking about. two words. teddy gooooals-velt. what a beautiful example of how u.s. soccer has caught on. this kid from chicago is caught on. teddy gooooals-v-e lt, a real attraction, have to see how he's been mobbed and a great symbol of how infectious he is. great for the country. regardless of what happens for the country, really interested to hear how soccer has done something for the country in a long time that we haven't seen. >> and teddy gooooalsvelt looks
4:46 am
a lot like teddy roosevelt. >> you think he'll come back with a mustache? >> i hope not. >> i wish. >> i don't have what it takes. >> you do, darling. you always do. >> i'm expending all my macho on american enthusiasm. have no macho left to grow hair. >> there's plenty to go around, chris. thank you. >> i think he's okay on that regard, for sure. next up on "new day," new questions about the yearly pelvic exams for women. are they really necessary? we're going to talk about why doctors may be changing their recommendations ahead.
4:47 am
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welcome back to "new day." new medical guidelines
4:50 am
concerning pelvic exams are causing some serious confusion among women. the pelvic exam is a yearly ritual so for so many female patients to help diagnose cancer or other disorders. now the american college of physicians says annual pelvic exams are not necessary for healthy women who are not pregnant. why are the changes coming and what do we need to know? cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now. i find this a little confounding. for most of us, we know this is part of our routine checkup. we get a pelvic exam when we see our obgyn. now it's changing. why is it only women pregnant and under a certain age are going to require them? >> well, it may be changing for some women and here's where it gets confusing. the nation's internists, that's an important point, the nation's internists, not gynecologists, have come out this week and say we don't think these are necessary these pelvic exams.
4:51 am
they don't find cancer, they don't find infection. we should get women out of the stirups and say forget it, sit up, ladies, but the nation's gynecologists say we get it, there may not be any proof these exams do any good. there's no proof they necessarily do any harm, so come on in, ladies, and have a discussion with your gynecologist about whether or not you need this exam. michaela, i will tell you, i this i that women are probably going to listen to their gynecologist on this topic that involves that area of the body and that they're probably going to go in and have a discussion and i think gynecologists are going to keep doing these. >> this is my concern, people are going to see this headline, elizabeth and think i don't need to see the obgyn, i don't need to have my feet up in the stirups. the gynecologists are saying we still want to see you, we want to have the ongoing conversation. the communication between patient and doctor is vital. >> this isn't the only thing you do at your annual exam with your
4:52 am
gynecologists. he or she examines your breasts, you talk about contraception. this is just one part of the visit. women should still see their gynecologists every year, this is one small part of it. many women i talked to said it's not my favorite thing to do, and i would join them in that, not something you hook forward to but it's two minutes and your doctor might find something, even though the studies say that they won't. i talked to a gynecologist yesterday said i found a woman's fibroids. she was perfectly fine, i found benign ovarian cysts. i find stuff during these exams he said. >> that's a thing i can relate to, as you as a female, you want to know those exams are going to take place for just that kind of instance you're talking about. are these groups aware this is going to cause confusion? do you get a sense of that? >> absolutely. i think they're completely aware. i understand the internists are saying why are we subjecting women to this exam when there's no proof that it actually works.
4:53 am
they see it that they're doing women a favor. you know, i think, i must say as a woman, when i read that they say look, we don't want women to experience the psychological stress of a pelvic exam, as a woman, i would say thanks very much but you're kind of patting me on the head. like let me decide. if i find it stressful i'll have a discussion with my doctor but i personally don't find it that stressf stressful. if my doctor thinks they can feel something i want them to feel something. >> have a conversation with your doctor. the one thing they can do is warm up the darned instruments. thank you elizabeth, real important to keep the conversation on the headlines. coming up, breaking news, we're following a potential hurricane could be headed for the east coast, ruining fourth of july potentially for so many. we're tracking what it means for millions of americans.
4:54 am
channel your imer howard cosell. today is the day of destiny. the u.s. against belgium, it's going to take place right over my shoulder, what could make a difference, what could make the belgians waffle? we're going to take you through out of it, and a couple surprises what may make a difference in the big match. ♪ hi, i just signed up for your credit report site and i have a problem. i need to speak with your fraud resolution department. ugh, we don't have that. what should i tell him? just make that super annoying modem noise... ( ee...dong...shuuuhh...) hello? not all credit report sites are equal. classic. members get personalized help plus fraud resolution support. join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker. live in the same communities that we serve.
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4:58 am
breaking this morning, a fourth of july hurricane now predicted. the storm churning off the east coast. at this hour, set to make the holiday a miserable one for millions. we are tracking it all. we believe! over my shoulder, the big game u.s. versus belgium. it is win or win for the u.s., and the key may be what happens off the field. the u.s. fans red, white and blue, running wild. we'll take you through what's going on in brazil, leading up to the day of destiny. striking back, israel hitting dozens of hamas targets,
4:59 am
bombed overnight after three missing israeli teen agers are found dead. how far will israel go? israeli ambassador joins us live. your "new day" continues right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome once again to "new day." it's tuesday, july 1st, 8:00 in the east. we're going to get to chris live in brazil for our world cup coverage in just a moment. we need to begin with breaking news at this hour, quite the beginning of july. the national hurricane center now says a storm forming off the east coast could become a category one hurricane in a few days, which means the storm could wash out july 4th plans for millions of americans. we get over to meteorologists indra petersons. you've been watching the track of this storm. what is it looking like? >> this is the last thing anyone wants to see, one thing because of severe weather, second
5:00 am
because it's the fourth of july holiday. this is a satellite the last 18 hours right over the bahamas, currently a tropical depression, but we know it is expected to strengthen. it's pretty stationary out there but it is a strong tropical depression, likely to be a tropical storm by just this afternoon, currently seeing those winds at 35 miles per hour, 39 miles per hour is all it takes to become a tropical storm, and that's exactly what's expected today. we're already seeing tropical storm watches out there from daytona beach through ft. pierce into florida. why? because the system continues to strengthen and it's only expected to strengthen even more. by the afternoon, expect it to be a tropical storm, and hanging out through florida in through tomorrow, bringing heavy waves and a lot of rain out there. then notice into the carolinas, remaining a tropical storm really in through wednesday and thursday, but just the latest model run now shows thursday night into the early hours of friday morning, this is expected to strengthen, guys, into a category one hurricane right off of d.c., and it's not making its
5:01 am
way off the coastline. it's going to hug the coastline and affect everyone up even in through maine. this is the concern so many people have the hall day plans. the models are in consensus. they're calling for the same forecast hugging the coast in florida n through the carolinas thursday, getting counsel the south friday for the carolinas, d.c., new york city, boston, expect the impact. strong rains, heavy winds and the strong rip currents as well. >> indra, thanks so much. we'll be keeping an eye to the sky and down to brazil, chris is keeping an eye on the football field. hey, chris. >> let me set the scene for you, my friend. we are in the state of bajia, carved out of the coastline this city salvador. what does that mean? we're close to the equator, we're close to the sea, so it is hot and humid here.
5:02 am
however, the greatest energy is that of the u.s. fans. as the soccer team for the united states heads into the big match against belgium, they have a chance to make the belgians waffle. that's right. i said it. how do i know? because i'm with lara baldesarra, the host of "world cup" on cnni, and she tells me we've got a chance. are you sticking by that now my strangely tall friend? >> 100%. thanks for pointing out my height, i'm very tall, standing on something but yes i am sticking with that. i think these two teams are evenly matched. we'll see a tactical battle built through the midfield. the usa are going to have to find a way to break through this very strong belgian defense. hour, however, i will say that there are some injury concerns for belgium right now. there are two central defenders are dealing with injuries, and we don't know at this point if they will be starting. we'll find that out shortly and we'll have all of the news on that. >> and we know we have a couple
5:03 am
of twisted noses with dempsey and jermaine jones. we know that jose altidor has the bad hamstring but there's another baldesarra factor she was telling me about that's really important. >> yes. >> yellow cards. how do they play into how the match may turn out? >> this year in the world cup, yellow card accumulation is not wiped out until after the quarterfinals. so right now, there's two key players on the american squad that have yellow cards. >> what if that happens and they get another one? >> if they will miss the quarterfinal match which could be against argentina. >> and they're kicked out of this game. >> no, they would not be kicked out. >> they could get a yellow card and stay in but they'd be out for the next match. >> yes, kyle beckerman and jermaine jones are both in yellow card trouble. beckerman to me has been the man of the usa so far through the tournament and jermaine jones is a force to be reckoned with out there. they have to be sure to not get a yellow card. if and when the usa beats
5:04 am
belgium today, i don't think it will be very good to not have them in the quarterfinal, which is potentially against argentina, that's who i'm going with, if if the usa makes it there. >> a little anxiety-inducing. however, strong that you're already putting the u.s. into the next round. i like that you're thinking that way. you're starting to sound like the coach. the coach said boy it's totally unreasonable but now he's changing his tune and doing something else. he's playing on the u.s. affection for this team. no matter what happens here at the cup, this team has already won the hearts of the u.s. this is bigger than it's ever been during world cup in my lifetime. that's why i'm wearing the colors. what does the coach think about it? >> we thought going into this, that this usa team klinsmann built was a team for the future, a team for 2018 and it still could be and in 2018 everybody in america will be completely behind it. we're seeing the base laid now and klinsmann spoke in his press conference yesterday, you have to listen to this.
5:05 am
>> you see where the game is going in the united states. you know, you can't stop it anymore. it's breaking through. the locomotive of this development is always the national team, in every country that's that way, so we want to do well. we want to inspire them. we want to give them enthusiasm and belief. >> and they have already succeeded on that score, haven't they, because millions and millions are watching at home. you have people extending lunches, they're playing hooky and forget about what's happening here, second most tickets sold. how do you think the u.s. presence is being felt? >> it's being hugely felt here. the fans are everywhere. the players can feed off of that, they call it the 12th man to have that base inside the stadium. it was loud in the first game, wasn't as loud in the last match against germany. like you said there's a ton of tickets sold to american fans, over 100,000 tickets were sold. they want to be here and they're here and going to be loud.
5:06 am
these guys are crazy. >> wild. >> teddy goalsevelt is my favorite so far. so great to have a character like that. against germany, didn't have too much to cheer for, no matter how amped fans are, you have to give them something to cheer for so the u.s. has to create some energy out there, otherwise they're not going to have the 12th man behind him as much as they might otherwise. and remember baldesarra says it's coming down to penalty kicks. we have a great goalie, so do they. laura, thank you very much. back to you in new york. from sunny brazil. >> anything can happen, that's why we all have to watch. >> 4:00 today, got to be watching. >> be there or be square. thanks, chris. a troubling new terrorist threat could change the way people are screened boarding flights. u.s. officials now tell cnn that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that group is working on next generation bombs that can get past current security
5:07 am
measures. barbara starr is joining us with the latest. we hear this threat before, barbara, but they're taking this one quite seriously. >> that is correct, kate, good morning. there are significant, new concerns that al qaeda once again has its eyes on a u.s. airliner. the u.s. is considering new airport security measures due to increased concern al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap has found a new way to get around current airport screening. u.s. officials tell cnn a vulnerability has been identified in airport security because of aq a, p advances. officials don't see an eminent threat, but one official telling cnn "we are steadily tracking significant threats from aqap." >> the department of homeland security is regularly reviewing our security procedures to adapt to the threat that is faced by our transportation system.
5:08 am
>> reporter: the big concern is this man ibraham maliseri, expert at making bombs, such as the device worn as the christmas day underwear bomber in 2009 targeting a u.s. airliner. the top u.s. military commander in europe noting terrorists have been eyeballing western airports for months. >> we remain concerned about the capability of some of these elements to develop weapons that could be thwarted by our current security systems. >> reporter: another concern? whether one of the next targets of al qaeda's most dangerous wing could be a middle east shopping mall full of westerners >> they're not particularly well defended and secured. there are a lot of westerners that go to them. so some concern recently about some of the shopping malls in the persian gulf. >> reporter: analysts say the
5:09 am
attack on kenya's west gate mall got days of worldwide attention, exactly what al qaeda wants, without worrying about having to get into the u.s. to attack a mall. and back on that airliner threat, one of the big concerns right now is jihadists fighting in the middle east in yemen, in syria, and iraq, may have western passports or even u.s. passports and be able to readily get back here and plan their next round of attacks. michaela? >> something u.s. authorities are obviously are quite worried about and will continue to watch. barbara, thank you for that. in iraq, 300 more u.s. troops are on the ground now this morning to help push back on the fast-moving isis surge. 200 of those troops will provide security for u.s. interests in the country. the increased military presence is in addition to 300 u.s. advisers already in the country to support iraqi forces. the death toll continues to rise, as more than 2,400 iraq es died in the violence in june
5:10 am
alone. another headline here breaking this morning, ukrainian forces have begun military operations against pro-russia separatists in the country's east. this comes after ukrainian president we tra poroshenko refused to renew a cease-fire which expired at midnight last night. he's blaming russia encouraging the rebels who have been fighting ukraineforces since april. general motors announced it found safety issues with 8.4 million vehicles. most of these problems are with possible flaws in in the ignition switch that can turn off while the car is in motion. similar defect had been blamed for 13 deaths and led to earlier recalls and a federal investigation. gm already called back more than 29 million vehicles already this year. a new study released overnight says vaccines are safe for children and that parents should not be afraid to get them immunized. researchers analyzed data from
5:11 am
nearly 70 studies and found serious side effects were rare and that benefits far outweigh the risks. they say there's no evidence the measles vaccine causes autism. the cdc says preventable chooild hood disea childhood diseases are on the rise. >> important to have the voices be heard. that's something we talk a lot about. >> a lot of debate about it. >> and there's a lot of misinformation out there. coming up next on "new day," ilz rail vowing to make hamas pay after the bodies of three missing israeli teenagers are found. is violence about to spiral out of control in the region? we'll talk with israel's ambassador to the united states coming up. the nightmare nanny as she is being called says she's not the bad guy. even though she was fired and refused to leave the home. she is finally speaking out now, telling her side of the story. you have to hear this. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175.
5:12 am
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welcome back to "new day." tensions are rising in the middle east as israel launched dozens of air strikes in gaza overnight, this came just hours after three israeli teenagers kidnapped in the west bank were found dead. israel blames hamas and vows revenge. funeral services for the teenagers are set for today. senior international correspondent ben weedman is live in hedron in the west bank with the latest. ben? >> reporter: we're just across the valley from where the three israeli teenagers' bodies were found sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. yesterday local time.
5:16 am
earlier there were forensic officials, police, army here looking basically combing the hillside for additional evidence to find out who may have been behind their kidnapping and murder, all indications are that in fact, they were shot to death very soon after the kidnapping took place late at night on the 12th of june. meanwhile, we understand that processions are beginning to leave the homes of the three teenagers with the bodies. they're going to be going to modaine, a town half way between jerusalem and tel aviv for a funeral expected to be attended byes. against simon perez and benjamin netanyahu. there will be a cabinet session where israeli officials will ponder their next move. we understand there's a fair amount of disagreement as to what the next moves should be. one minister is calling for a full scale military operation in
5:17 am
gaza, and the execution of or rather the death penalty for any palestinians found guilty of murder and terrorist attacks. others are suggesting that a settlement be built in the west bank in memory of the three israeli teenagers, but certainly all indications are that whatever the next move is, tensions are bound to rise. kate? >> ben, thank you very much for the latest, for getting us up to speed. let's discuss this more with israel's ambassador to the united states, ron dermer. mr. ambassador, thanks for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> the latest funeral services for the boys are scheduled for today. the prime minister as you well know, says "hamas will pay for this." you're seeing a little known group has claimed responsibility for the teenagers' death. thiscy agroup that supports an islamic state and also threatened to slaughter the palestinian authority. how does this change israel's position here?
5:18 am
>> well, we know who perpetrated this action, members of hamas in the hedrn area. we know who did these crimes and the prime minister was very clear who did it and that they will have to pay a price for this. hamas is a terrorist organization, fire thousands of rockets at our cities, dispatch scores of suicide bombers to our buses and pizza parlors and cafes and they perpetrated this crime, members of hamas perpetrated this crime, the kidnapping and execution of three teenaged boys. it's important for israel to send a message to hamas, this is completely unacceptable and we won't tolerate it. >> you talk about the price. the question is, what is that price? another cabinet meeting, we hear that will be happening today, this comes after more than 40 air strikes on hamas targets overnight. what is israel's next move? >> the air strikes that you're referring to was actually in response to the firing of rockets at our cities, and the last couple of days we've had
5:19 am
about 20 rockets fired at israel. you can imagine being in new york and having missiles rain down on new york stock exchange one after the other. 20 rockets fired at us from gaza and israel responded in order to root out the infrastructure established in gaza. the security cabinet in israel will meet today to decide a continuation of their talks yesterday to decide what is the proper response to this very heinous crime. i can say one other thing, we call on the world to also send a strong message to president abbas, the leader of the palestinian authority. he condemned the kidnappings and we appreciate that. at the same time he's in a government with the kidnappers. he condemns terrorism and at the same time he's in a government with a bunk of terroristch of t. we hope in the wake of the heinous crimes that the world will send a message to president abbas he has to turn his back on terror and go back to peace talks with israel. he has to break this alibs with the terror organization of hamas.
5:20 am
>> most immediately and talking about what israel's next move it right now, is a full scale military operation in gaza a possibility? >> look, israel will have to take the action it will take in order to defend its civilians and that's something that the decision-makers in jerusalem led by prime minister netanyahu will look at closely. we have a responsible leadership in gentlemen rujerusalem. they will protect from acts of terrorism and there's a broader problem often not discussed and that is that you have a culture of terrorism within palestinian society where you have basically the glorification of killers and murderers, where people who perpetrate these heinous acts are called heroes in palestinian society. if there's something that the world can do today is to send a message to the palestinians to all the palestinian leadership no matter who they are, if this type of color glorification of
5:21 am
mass murders is unacceptable >> i want to talk about the broader threat in the region. before we move to that, i get the sense you don't want to discuss what israel's next move will be or what options are on the table at the moment. can you tell me when you think the government will decide what its next move will be? >> the cabinet will be meeting this evening and with all due respect to the ambassador in washington, decisions are made by the prime minister and our security cabinet, with all due respect to washington. we'll have to wait and see how israel will respond. we live in a tough neighborhood. the people of israel have great resolve. it's a great day of mourning in israel for the entire country. we were all united in the last 18 days, hoping and praying these three teenagers would be returned safe and sound to their families. unfortunately, that did not happen and right now, israel's security cabinet will be making the decisions that it believes are necessary in the wake of this heinous act, decisions that are necessary to protect our population, just as any government would. >> now, if i may, mr. ambassador, transition, because you did talk about the broader
5:22 am
threat, i want to ask you about the broader threat. you have hamas, extremist threat out of syria, iraq showing signs of breaking down, quite frankly. what is the biggest threat to israel right now? >> the biggest threat remains iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. we have a lot of problems in the region and you have a lot of fanatic groups running around. hamas is one of them, isis in iraq. you have terrorist groups throughout the middle east and a religious war going on between radical shiites led by iran and radical sunnis led by al qaeda, isis and hamas and other offshoots. the most important thing for the world to do is prevent any of the groups from getting weapons of mass destruction. that's why it was important that the chemical weapons in syria, those declared were removed from syria and the single most important challenge to the world is prevent the regime in iran from having a nuclear weapons capability, to completely remove their capability to build nuclear weapons today or in the future. that's the greatest challenge not only for israel but for the
5:23 am
entire region and the entire world. >> mr. ambassador, you talk about syria and the threat emanating from syria. president obama has just the end of last week asked congress for money to help train and equip what they believe are elements of the moderate opposition in syria. does your government believe that the united states is doing enough to fight the threat in the middle east? >> well, we think that this is a very complicated problem. we're not going to second-guess the president of the united states on what is the best way to deal with the situation he faces in syria. we appreciate the fact that the united states has led a diplomatic effort in syria that has led to the removal of the chemical weapons. you see those scenes of people running around iraq with rifles, killing people, executing them. imagine the people armed with chemical weapons. that's why in syria they removed the weapons and removed the capability to manufacture the weapons in the future was so
5:24 am
important. rifles can kill thousands, nuclear weapons can kill millions. >> the threats continue but today is the day to remember the three boys, the funeral services will be getting under way. mr. ambassador, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> of course. michaela? >> next up on "new day," the fired california nightmare nanny finally giving in and is speaking out. she says she'll move out but she will not go quietly. we'll have her side of the story first i hear a rumor something big happening in fwra brazil. chris, anything big going on down there at all? >> this is the place to be, mick. we are here in bahia, salvador, brazil, where the big u.s. game is going to happen against belgium. what are the chances that the u.s. will win? we'll tell you and take you inside the experience here and what it means back home. we have the president of u.s. soccer who is going to tell us how big the game is here and
5:25 am
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time for the five things you need to know for your "new day." a major storm is brewing off the coast of florida. it could be a hurricane by friday potentially bringing heavy rain, making for a wet holiday weekend for all sorts of people along the east coast. it's do or die time for the team u.s. at the world cup. they take on belgium today in a knockout round. the winner advances to the quarterfinals while the loser heads home. getting through airport security may soon be tougher. the u.s. is considering implementing new security measures because of al qaeda's improving technology that may make the u.s. vulnerable to a bomb plot. in iraq the american involvement is increasing, 300 more troops are in the country to provide support for u.s. interests. iraqi lawmakers will meet next week to start the process of forming a new government. the the fbi will speak today with charlie bothuell, the detroit boy found hiding in his father's basement. detroit police say that fbi's
5:30 am
findings will determine if charges will be filed against his parents. we update the five things to know, go to for the latest. kate? >> thanks, michaela. >> the so-called nightmare nanny is telling her side of the story. diane stratton refused to leave the home of her former employer even though they fired her months ago. now she's speaking out saying they are the nightmare, not her. miguel marquez is here. please, explain that logic >> who is the nightmare here? this started with an l.a. couple outside of l.a. looking for a nanny on craigslist. it has turned into a standoff in their own home. the so-called nightmare nanny striking back, speaking out for the first time. >> well first of all, i wasn't fired unless you can be fired after you quit. >> diane insists she is not a con artist squatter but a victim who was mistreated by the family. >> they were the ones that were trying to exploit me as if i was
5:31 am
some poor migrant worker or, from a foreign country. >> reporter: in an interview with knx radio, she says she wasn't fired, she quit after being exploited and overworked, forced to work 90 days straight without any time off. >> when i was working there, i didn't get lunch breaks. i didn't get coffee breaks. i didn't get any holidays or -- basically i was working 24/7. >> her story is exactly the opposite of what we've been hearing from the braccamantes. >> she stayed in her room 90% of the day. >> they main tained they fired the 64-year-old after she started neglecting her work saying she refused to leave and threatened to sue. according to california law, the family could enforce her out, without an owe vix notice could take 30 to 45 days. >> i feel so helpless in this situation. >> reporter: diane is now living out of her car but her
5:32 am
belongings remain in the house. cnn found dozens of lawsuits filed by stratton over the years, actions resulted in her being placed on california's vexation litigation list for abusing the legal system. she maintains she's not at fault. >> i bought a substantial amount of my own food and the food i did get was terrible. i didn't have access to the laundry room hardly ever, i didn't have access to the bathroom hardly ever. the air conditioning wasn't on. i think they're the con artists. >> now all of this may be coming to a close relatively soon. she says, bretton says she will be out of there by the 4th, independent day. the bracamantes who want to go away this weekend are worried, feel she may lock herself inside the house and change the locks. >> i would give up this holiday vacation in order to get your home back probably.
5:33 am
thanks, miguel. wow. let's get back down to brazil where chris is. hey there, chris. >> all right, how are you doing? the world cup is not the only thing that's impacting the world of course. we draw your attention to the central african republic. there's been horrible civil war there and there is someone there, a lot of people actually but one in particular trying to impact their world. actress mia farrow is making her fourth trip with unicef to try to keep kids out of the crossfire. here is the story. looking at the kids it's hard not to smile. >> you can't look at children's faces and continue to feel hopeless. what you see in every shining face is all the potential of the human spirit. >> actress and unicef goodwill ambassador mia farrow knows many of the children have seen or experienced unthinkable violence
5:34 am
in the central afghan republic where christian and muslim militias have been battling for control for the past year. >> the seeds or ingredients are present for a massive genocide where one side completely slaughters another. the people are fleeing. some have fled deep into the bush. >> reporter: around 300,000 children are thought to have been displaced and most schools are closed according to unicef. >> they have dreams, strong dreams, if only they had opportunity, safety, nutrition, clean water, and education, there would be no stopping these kids. >> reporter: to give those kids a fighting chance, farrow hopes to bring awareness to the situation in their homeland. >> i don't like the term give people a voice, because people have voices, but sometimes they need amplification. >> so actress mia farrow trying to impact her world. wanted to bring that to your attention and bring it back to
5:35 am
here, brazil, over our shoulder, this is the site of the big u.s./belgium match. one team wins, one team goes home. you know which one will be which. and you know who else does? the president of u.s. soccer, with he met up with him at this fantastic fan extravaganza last night and we talked to him about what the game, what it means here, but more importantly, what it means at home, because let's be honest, whether you love soccer or not, this is one more reason to love the u.s. of a. and we want to talk about soccer's rise and impact on the culture, so stay with us. >> we love you, we love you, we love you, and everywhere we'll follow, we'll follow, we'll follow. we support the u.s., the u.s., the u.s., and that's the way we like it, we like it. oh, oh, oh!
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welcome back. breaking this morning, a storm developing off the east coast predicted to likely become a category 1 hurricane by friday, that's coming from the national hurricane center, that timing of course of the july 4th holiday approaching at the same time. we get back over to meteorologists indra petersons. >> we are talking about a system that continues to strengthen. right now a very strong tropical depression, the steady winds at 35 miles per hour. 39 miles per hour makes it a tropical storm and exactly what is expected to happen later this afternoon, but notice, all of the weather models pretty much have a consensus bringing this
5:40 am
along the coastline, affecting everyone in through new england as we head through the fourth of july. the models say this guy is expected to strengthen as it does so, notice by the afternoon expected to be a tropical storm, today hanging off the coast of florida. by tomorrow, affecting florida, then in through the carolinas, biggest impact will be ahead of the fourth of july but quickly it strengthens into likely a minimal category 1 hurricane off the coast of d.c. still hanging on to the coastline but exiting offshore, exiting by saturday. it will catch up and quickly exit out of here. the biggest impacts will be around florida, in through tomorrow. then if your plans headed out early for the fourth of july into the kir lie in as, th car trouble spot. it strengthens friday morning into a hurricane. there are two systems here, the huge cold front with severe weather coming in at the exact same time so the combination of the two will bring trouble into the big metropolitan cities and making its way through new
5:41 am
england. that will be the concern, two systems including severe weather coming directly at the northeast. >> indra, thank you very much. big day to watch the weather and throughout the week, throughout the week we will be watching the weather with you. back down to brazil where chris is holding down the fort. quick question. do you believe? >> oh, i believe. i believe deep, deep down and so should you as an american. that's why i'm here in brazil, bahia, kafbd ocarved out of the coastline of the country. this is where the big game will happen. today is the day the u.s. advances one step closer to its destiny in the world cup, and it is also a big deal because of what's going on back home. we have caught soccer fever and i believe it extends past the world cup, that this is about a culture shift going on. our kids are soccer players now. i think it matters more. you know who agrees?
5:42 am
mr. president of the u.s. soccer federation, we got to talk to him last night, in this big fan fest that was going on. listen to what he has to say about what soccer means here and what it means back home. so mr. president, this has to be a day that you've dreamed about for a long time, this level of support not just at the cup, but back at home as well? >> absolutely. but the real day we dream about is in about ten days from now, right, or maybe two weeks, so we've come a long way. tomorrow is a very big day and if we can get through that, we'll have gone as far as we've gone in 50 years and that will be fantastic. >> reporter: what is more impressive, the progress on the field or off the field in terms of the u.s. embracing the second football? >> it's both because they're related. i don't think we'd have the same embracing of the sport we had over the last few weeks if the u.s. team hadn't done well. the team feeds off of that, what they see here with thousands of people in the stands, one of the most well supported teams and they know what's going on at home. those two are absolutely related
5:43 am
to each other. >> what do you see as the future of soccer of the u.s.? >> it will be a mainstream sport as it is today, a league with 20 plus teams one of the best in the world, a national team capable of competing against the best in the world, a long way towards achieving that. recognition is part of the american fabric and we've come a long way to getting there. >> we're talking about belgium specifically tomorrow. they've got a lot of hype but they haven't been tested. the u.s. is in the opposite situation. they were supposed to be dead a long time ago and they keep overcoming. what do you think it means? >> both teams know it's knockout, eknockou knockout, a 50/50 situation. we're in a situation where we're underdogs in everyone's eyes. >> reporter: something about this team that embodies american sp irity, they keep fighting no matter what people say. i think that's reflective of the country overall. do you think so? >> absolutely, against ghana and
5:44 am
portugal, we hung in there, a few tense moments against germany, but our guys hung in there, a group we weren't supposed to get through. everyone said we weren't going to do it, we're here and ready and hopefully get to the quarterfinals. >> reporter: prediction for the game tomorrow? >> we'll be playing brasilia july 5th, that's the prediction. >> did you hear what the president sunil gulati just said? he doesn't believe today is the day of destiny, my friend. he says july 13th in brasilia, that's the world cup final. he believes. do you believe is the question i am asking you specifically, michaela pereira, because you've been a little on the fence coming off to u.s. of a. time to show off as an american. >> it's not about not believing in the usa. it's more concern over the belgi belgians. >> weird time. >> concerned about the belgians, take out the big wax out of the
5:45 am
big eyes. >> we've got it, i'll work on her. you work on her from there, i'll work on her from here. 4:00 eastern we've got it. >> you are diplomatic, i'm impressed. >> how could i not be between you two? coming up next on "new day" the story we've been following. this is going on for years, a couple, their two young sons missing for years, they finally were found about you aried in a california desert. so can a new investigation finally figure out who killed them and why.
5:46 am
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5:49 am
a real mystery to talk about. it's been more than four years since the mcstay family went missing. nearly eight months have passed since their remains were found in the mojave desert in california. who would want to kill joseph mcstay and wife and their two little boys. how did their bodies end up in two shallow graves some 100 miles north of their home? the answers might very well come from a brand new detective who has been brought on to investigate. randi kaye has a special on this airing tonight and is here with more on the latest turn. it has been such a mystery, plagued many people that know the family and the state of california for a long time. >> certainly a disturbing case, michaela, but investigators haven't named any suspects yet, no persons of interest yet but you mentioned this new detective. he's staying on the case, determined to solve it.
5:50 am
he is pouring over thousands of pages of documents, gone in the mojave desert where the remains were found, we're not sure whom was in which grave. he is trying to get the bottom of it. the problem is, though, there are still so many cracks in this case and so many missed opportunities. ♪ >> reporter: it was lunch time at this chick-fil-a in southern california. the last known place joseph mcstay was seen alive. >> we got together, we had a lot to talk about. >> reporter: chase merritt has never talked on camera before about that day. he met with joseph on february 4th, 2010, to talk business, and business was booming. >> we had 500 waterfalls coming up, that would be the biggest project we'd ever done. >> reporter: he sounded like he was planning for the future?
5:51 am
>> he was definitely planning for the future. >> reporter: after lunch, they spoke on the phone a handful more times. so when merritt's phone rang at 8:28 p.m., and he saw it was joseph calling, he didn't answer. >> i was tired. >> reporter: do you regret not picking up that call? >> hindsight's 20/20. >> reporter: it was the last known call from joseph's cell phone. the call was made 41 minutes after a neighbor security camera captured the mcstays white isuzu pulling out of the mcstay's cul-de-sac. >> did joseph actually make that call from his phone or did somebody else take joseph's phone and make that call? or was he trying to call for help? >> reporter: that missed call is now a missed opportunity, the first of many missed
5:52 am
opportunities. that phone call that night to his friend chase merritt was the last time there was any communication from joseph mcstay or his family and to this day, it is unclear if that was even joseph calling, hoping someone would be able to decipher where he was, perhaps it was the people who took them, calling one of the last numbers dialed on his phone. >> what a terrible story, the remains of the family were found years later, this is just part of the investigation that you're going to hear more about and the story. tonight be sure to watch the cnn special report "buried secrets: who murdered the mcstay family?" 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. randi, thank you so much. coming up next, what a difference a doll makes. a simple but also very big way one company is reaching out to children battling cancer. that's next on "the good stuff." ♪ they lived.
5:53 am
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♪ . a little good stuff, ladies. toy maker mattel ask an awesome thing a couple years ago, created a special barbie named
5:57 am
ella. she has no hair and wears wigs. ella is being handed out to hospitals that are treating little ones with cancer. the ella barbie doll is helping girls like this one, 4-year-old grace bumstead suffers from a rare form of leukemia that requires aggressive chemo. mom melissa says the doll ella is helping her little girl cope with the loss of her hair. >> when they first met she was like okay, i get what's going on but give us the chance to say here is a beautiful, smiling doll, it doesn't have hair. >> it gets better. grace's mom heard that the los angeles children's hospital was just down to six dolls so she decided to go online and start a petition calling on mattel, the makers of barbie to make more. mattel heard their call and is getting ella dolls into hospitals nationwide. mom says the difficult road feels worth it if more girls can say this. >> do you think ella's pretty?
5:58 am
>> yep. >> even without hair? >> yeah! >> yeah! you silly. >> what a crazy question? a round of applause for that. that is amazing. >> it's wonderful. >> barbie has been criticized for many things but i love seeing this. barbie is helping this little one see herself in a new way. >> hoping them cope. parents help explain the situation, which is such a scary situation. >> exactly. >> some good stuff from here. let's go down to the good stuff down in brazil which would be our chris cuomo. i have a hard time saying that. >> is he the is the good stuff. >> i'm hoping that good stuff has you focused on where your heads and hearts should be as we go forward. i won't name names although i did just hear someone criticize barbie. is there anything left that we can hold sacred in our society? hopefully what's going to happen here today will take the place of what really matters for us as we think about things bringing us tokt, in this stadium,
5:59 am
belgium/u.s. later this afternoon. it's huge, because the u.s. has caught soccer fever. the winner advances, this would be big for us here. the fans have come in record numbers for the united states. they're really bringing the red, white and blue. we will be here to watch the game and tell you everything that happens and take you inside of it, because remember, it's not just about the game or even if you love soccer. it's about what it means for the u.s. of a. to actually come together around something positive. that's why i'm so pumped. all about being an american, so we'll see you with the details of the game tomorrow morning and if they win, we'll probably be on all night, just end on this. three seconds of silence, just a focus the head and the heart for those who aren't there yet, three seconds. >> we're focused. >> keep it here. >> i'm feeling it. i'm feel it. >> i spent the last three seconds laughing at you. >> your excitement is absolutely -- >> don't laugh at america though. >> no laughing, it's not a laughing matter.
6:00 am
this is all about the focus, we're with you. we are with you. we're all together and we love the jersey. a lot of news happening, including lots of world cup and lots of weather actually, indra will be busy. let's take you over to "newsroom" with carol costello. >> i'm confused myself. >> you'll get there. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- usa! usa! usa! >> usa, it's all on the line today, beat belgium or go home. the red, white and blue taking the field in just hours. support even coming from waffle house of all places tweeting "we don't believe in bell yum waffles or even supporting a boycott." plus deadly duratio, a massive storm tearing through the midwest, iowa seeing eight inches of rain in


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